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Divine Island Design

BPK Fountain - "Birds of Paradise"

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$259.00 USD

The BPK is our standard model in our fountain pen lineup. These pens feature sleek lines, a custom made clip and nickel silver cabochon in the cap finial. The section, body and cap are made from a variety of materials and resin color mixes. The clips are made from solid stainless steel, titanium or nickel silver. The pens are lightweight which makes them a very comfortable writing experience. The caps do not post.

The body, cap and section for this pen is made from "Birds of Paradise" DiamondCast™, that has bright, beautiful colors and of course real diamond dust. The pen is fitted with our branded Jowo #6 nib, with many options available. The pen has a handmade polished stainless steel clip with "Divine" engraved in an elegant script lettering. The nickel silver cabochon in the cap features our identifiable palm tree logo with "DIVINE". Cap features M13 triple start threads which makes adding or removing the cap effortless. Also comes with one standard international converter. 

***NOTE*** - We do not stock the 18k Rhodium or 18k Gold nibs. If you choose this option, we will need to order the nib. This will add 1-2 weeks to the delivery of the pen.

Cap Diameter: 16.0mm
Body Diameter: 14.0mm
Section Diameter: 11.6mm
Length (capped): 143.5mm
Weight: 23 grams

DiamondCast™ Blanks are made with Alumilite and a patent pending combination of real diamond dust and pigments. Each pen comes with a certificate of authenticity.