Custom Fountain - Breitling Watch Parts w/Abalone

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This one is a beauty! The body and cap are custom cast watch parts featuring a pewter Breitling face and has a real abalone background. The section, finial caps and center bands are made with a DiamondCast Andromeda resin that matches perfectly. Fitted with a chrome clip and a Jowo #6 nib. Many nib options available. Pen comes with one standard international converter. ***NOTE*** - We do not stock the 18k Rhodium or 18k Gold nibs. If you choose this option, we will need to order the nib. This will add 1-2 weeks to the delivery of the pen.

Body size: 15.5mm
Cap size: 18.0mm
Section size: 10.5mm
Capped length: 138.0mm

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