Custom Fountain - "Candy Corn"

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A very cool pen that glows in the dark! The body and cap are made from our special "Candy Corn" resin we are doing for Halloween. The solid orange, yellow and white was inspired by the famous or infamous fall candy, candy corn. The white glows green in the dark. The section is made from a matching solid orange resin. Pen has a sleek chrome clip and is fitted with our branded Jowo #6 nib and have many options to choose from. Pen comes with one standard international converter.

***NOTE*** - We do not stock the 18k Rhodium or 18k Gold nibs. If you choose this option, we will need to order the nib. This will add 1-2 weeks to the delivery of the pen.

Body Diameter: 14.5mm
Cap Diameter: 16.2mm
Section Diameter: 11.75mm
Length (capped): 134.6mm

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