Custom Fountain - "Festival of Lights"

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This one is gorgeous! The body and cap is made from a beautiful piece of Festival of Lights DiamondCast resin. The section is made from a piece of white DiamondCast. Custom brushed stainless steel clip and nickel-silver finial cabochon. Pen is fitted with our branded Jowo #6 nib, with many nib options available. Also comes with one standard international converter.

Section diameter: 12.4mm
Barrel diameter: 14.8mm
Cap diameter: 16.5mm
Length (capped): 146.8mm
Weight (with nib and converter): 29 grams

DiamondCast™ Blanks are made with Alumilite and a patent pending combination of real diamond dust and pigments. Each pen comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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