Custom Fountain - Fordite Custom

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Talk about a wow factor! The body and cap of this pen are made from fordite from an unknown source. Fordite is layers of paint from over spray that builds up in a paint room or booth. These layers harden to create truly a very unique product. Fordite is expensive and sometimes hard to obtain.

The fordite is sleeved with resin to add to the durability of the pen. The nib section is made with a solid orange as well as the inside accent rings. The center bands and accent rings are turned from stainless steel and polished to a shine to match the stainless clip. The nib is a medium black lacquer Bock #6 which ties the pen all together. One converter and disposable ink is included.

Body Diameter: 15.0mm
Cap Diameter: 16.0mm
Section Diameter: 11.8mm
Length (capped): 148.5mm

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